KITAI, Playing the longest Show ever (24h)

KITAI, Playing the longest Show ever (24h)

You haven't heard about them yet?

KITAI is an alternative Rock band from Madrid willing to establish the Guinness World Record of longest Rock Show. 

In total, 24 hours playing non stop, starting at 20:00 on November 13 until 20:00 on November 14. The event will be happening at El Sol venue in Madrid.

Among the rules that Kitai must follow to fulfill its objective are not repeating repertoire in four hours, stopping a maximum of thirty seconds between songs and resting at the most five minutes for each played hour.

In case you want to follow their performance you can on their socials or following the hashtag #RetoKitai24Horas
Will they acomplish the World Record? We will follow it closely!