It is no longer a secret that the most underrated garment of the last century has come out of the closet. Socks have never been the protagonist of any advertising campaign or any catwalk but something has happened, socks, attacking the front line scratching positions to other accessories and positioning itself as a participant of our style and personality. This has not only affected casual fashion and has burst directly into the world of Fitness & Sports.

American Socks are presented as the best socks for the gym, a good analog for Crossfit, Weightlifting and all variants of Fitness.
Inspired by the alternative fashion of the 60's, they have evolved to meet all our active lifestyle needs. But what are the 5 must-haves of sport socks? Here you go:

1. Sole protection. The re-invented knee-high socks feature soft cushioning in the sole and reinforced heel and toe, safeguarding your lower extremities from chafing while remaining high and firm during exercise, compressing your muscles.

2. Compression. During your gym or sport sessions, your muscles are working at maximum strength to keep you balanced as you exercise. Good compression in your lower extremities will help you optimize the effort.

3.Sustainability & High Quality Material. Unlike many other brands, American Socks are manufactured domestically in Barcelona under all environmental certifications and with a very high density of cotton, which in addition to being breathable, avoids unpleasant odors and cramping suffered by socks of poorer quality.

4. Breathability. Many brands offer technical material made of non-organic fibers that cook your feet in summer. We only use cotton and COOLMAX® fiber, both of which provide anti-odor qualities with high breathability and durability.

5. Style! The technical point of view is very good, but these high socks with stripes are undoubtedly stylish. We can wear them at the gym, in the box or practicing one of our favorite sports, such as running, cycling or skating without limits.