Punk Rock Holiday 2019 Acoustics

Punk Rock Holiday 2019 Acoustics

Our favorite festival, Punk Rock Holiday is around the corner. This Monday, our team will drive right into the Slovenian town of Tolmin for 5th time in a row. It feels like a deja-vu as not much has changed around since we first attended in 2014. The Soca river still flows, the supermarket has delicious Pizza and PRH has still the best lineup.

This year, we're bringing extra socks, and changing our position. You'll be able to find us right at the left side of the entrance. Just follow the flags!

Many asked about the acoustic gigs. YES, we host the Acoustic Stage this year too. Every afternoon, the coolest bands will perform live straight in your face. No barriers just acoustic punk-rock. Find below the timings and slots.

Among other activities:

Gaming Zone with all classic games: Street Fighter II, Mario Kart 64, Metal Slug X....! Travel back to the 90's. Open ALL DAY.

Karaoke with all the songs in the world! Show your skills and be the star. Every night at 22:10

American Socks DJ's will be playing some of the coolest tunes every night from 23:00 


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