Happy International Skateboarding Day! 🛹

Happy International Skateboarding Day! 🛹

Today marks a very special day for the American Socks family, it’s finally June 21st: International Skateboarding Day! 🎉

boy skating

Beginning in the early 1950’s, skateboarding has been changing and advancing into what it is today. Did you know that it was invented by surfers in California? When waves were flat they modified their surfboards and upgraded them with wheels. 🌊  🌊  At first it was called “sidewalk surfing”, and later it became skateboarding.

As you might know, our socks take inspiration from those ground breaking skaters from the early 70’s. Not only that, American Socks also brings back the lifestyle of urban attitude through your feet.

girl skating trick

So today let’s celebrate, not only this amazing sport but also the community and the lifestyle that it creates. 

Make sure to wear your favorite socks from American Socks and skate around more than ever! We want to see your awesome tricks so make sure to tag us @AmericanSocks or to use the hashtag #AmericanSocks!

Bulldog socks with skateboard in the background