Join the #DesignYourSocks Challenge

Join the #DesignYourSocks Challenge

This is a call to all Illustrators, Tattoo Artists and Designers.

Quarantined and bored home? Join the Challenge!
We've set up the #DesignYourSocks Challenge for you to create and express yourself through socks, a canvas for your imagination. We'll select the best design to become an exclusive collaboration release. Stoked?

Feel free to go big! There's no limits to definition, colors and styles. Stick to what you're best at and go for it. We'll review the best proposals and post them online for everyone to vote and check out. Our favourite will go straight into the Signature Series. 

Is your friend a super talented artist? Feel free to send him over the Challenge and encourage her/him to take part. This is a call to all artists worldwide. Everybody is welcome!

1- DOWNLOAD our Socking Template below! It's a JPG with the approximate proportions of the sock. Use it as a guideline.

2- DESIGN! Start sketching some ideas. Open the template in Illustrator, Photoshop or on your drawing tablet. Make sure to respect the boundaries and to cover over the stripes and heel.
3-  UPLOAD your design on Social Media (Instagram/Facebook) and Tag @Americansocks + #DesignYourSocks for everyone to see. 

4. We'll post the best designs online for the whole community to vote. The winner will get a Signature Series Release + 20 pairs of custom socks.