COLOR UP! 💚  💛  💜

COLOR UP! 💚 💛 💜

It was time to introduce to the mid high family a new concept of our classic socks🤝  We wanted to add color but not only on the stripes: it's time to color up! 💐

These three new colored socks are our new obsession! 😬  White stripes to go with our favorite tones for the season 💫

Say hi to Jade, Buttercup and Starman💥

  • 💚  Jade: a seafoam green like we’ve never done before. It boosts moods and lifts spirits. It adds a pop of joy to the collection. 

  • 💛  Buttercup: the perfect buttery yellow shade. A lighter alternative that is soft and embodies a summer minimalist aesthetic. 

  • 💜  Starman: a soft lilac, which offers a new perspective on purple and makes us feel the calmness and serenity of the season.

Add some color and contrast to your wardrobe and go into the spring and summer season with more style than ever! 🤟🏼 Now available in our website, check them out before it's too late 🤩