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Black Friday is here and we are ready for all your orders to come in! 📦 🔥 

We have been waiting all year, and we are sure that you have too! So c'mon, don't waste any time and get to buying! 🤑  This is the only time we have discounts, so it's NOW OR NEVER

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Mark your calendars! 🗓️  This year instead of Black Friday, we are having a Black Weekend, so you will be able to enjoy all our discounts from Friday the 26th of November until Sunday the 29th. 🔛  🙌

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But, let's get to the important part... what discounts are we having?

🔥  ALL items have UP TO A 50% discount! 🤝

🔥  Limited stock, so make sure you have your wishlist ready and get them FAST! 🏃‍♀️ 

🔥  Our specialty is socks, but... don't forget to check the UNDERWEAR AND CLOTHING sections! (There will also be discounts) 😉 👕

🔥  All orders will come with FREE stickers 🆓

🔥  FREE Shipping on all international orders over 75€! 💸   *Special fee for Spain* 

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    Happy Black Friday Sockers,

    from the American Socks team! 

    💙🧦 ❤️