Acoustic Sessions American Socks x Jera On Air 2023

Acoustic Sessions American Socks x Jera On Air 2023

Hello, music lovers and festival goers! We've got an exciting announcement to make. If you've been yearning for intimate, exclusive, and truly unforgettable live music experiences, you're in for a treat! American Socks is bringing you just that – an exquisite acoustic extravaganza at the upcoming Jera on Air festival in Ysselsteyn, The Netherlands.

Picture this: a cozy corner nestled amid the festival frenzy, where you can settle down with a chilled beer in hand, surrounded by like-minded music aficionados, and immerse yourself in a series of intimate acoustic performances. Let the tunes wash over you, enjoy the authenticity and rawness that only live acoustic sets can provide, and feel an unprecedented connection with the performers. All this while adding a dash of style and color with American Socks!

jera on air acoustics and performances frank turner trash boat call it off at ysselstein at the American Socks acoustic stage

Friday Lineup:

Start the party right with Frank Turner (15:30-15:50), keep the good vibes rolling with Trash Boat (16:30-16:50), and round out the evening with none other than Dylan from Spanish Love Songs (18:30-18:50)

Saturday Lineup:

Day two, we're back at it with Manuel from North Alone (15:30-15:50), followed by Flora Skuller from March (17:00-17:20), and Call It Off wrapping things up (18:30-18:50).

So, there you have it! This promises to be more than just a musical event; it’s an opportunity to live and breathe the music up close and personal, away from the madding crowd of the main stage. Get ready to experience your favourite artists in an environment that fosters an intimate connection between the audience and the performers.

And when the acoustic sets are done? We're just getting started. We're keeping the party going with an afterparty that'll have you dancing 'til they shut us down! Expect DJ sessions, surprise performances, and non-stop music to end the festival on a high note.

Don't miss out on this unique acoustic adventure. We hope to see you there at the "Bier-Garten", immersed in acoustic bliss! Cheers to music, togetherness, and American Socks, adding color to our lives, one sock (and song) at a time!