10 things you missed on Groezrock

10 things you missed on Groezrock

Weather was not an obstacle for European Punk-Rockers to gather in the small village of Belgium. A thunderstorm of heavy drums and melodic guitar riffs was happening in Meerhout and we were there to join the party. Rated by specialized media as a MUST see, the American Socks acoustic stage lined up 10 worldwide known bands at our modest acoustic stage, performing closely to their hardcore fanbase. 

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Here are the 10 things you probably missed:

1. Mad Caddies almost turned the whole booth down while performing "Shoot Out The Lights". Did you ever see crowdsurfing on an acoustic gig? We did. ⚡

2. Dave Brownsound, original member of legendary Canada band Sum 41, joined GOB's Tom Thacker the whole set to play songs from the latest record "Apt 13" and the anthem "I Hear You Calling" KILLER ?

3. Much The Same played for the first time in 9 years in Europe. The band wouldn't stop and audience wouldn't leave. "Quitters Never Win"

4. The Groezsock was probably one of the bestsellers during the weekend, exclusively sold during the festival. You won't find any online.

5. We almost got stolen! The American Socks custom board by Esteve @ AYMA Boards hanged at the entrance. During the shows it would get so crowded that some bastard tried to take it. The team had to stop it twice! F.U!

6. Four Year Strong played in front of a hundred of kids that were waiting 45 minutes before the gig. The band signed a Gretsch acoustic guitar that we'll give away during the next weeks.

7. Support your Locals! Upcoming bands like Call It Off, The Morning Hour, Daylight or Note To Amy also got involved in the project and proved that European bands do it better. We had some crowdsurfing too!

8. NineYardsStore.com sent some free goodies you could get at the store, pins, stickers, lanyards & t-shirts. Next time come hang and you'll get some ?

9. Frank Turner. There are no words to describe the natural talent of an artist that played 10 times in a row on Reading/Leeds Festival, well known for spontaneous acoustics and a legion of loyal fans that singed louder than the PA.

10. The After-Movie shot by Camille Does @ Bright Day Media.


american socks much the same groezrock barcelona knee high

american socks groezrock barcelona socks

See you next year #Groezie