10 things you CAN'T miss at Punk Rock Holiday.

10 things you CAN'T miss at Punk Rock Holiday.

Punk Rock Holiday is a newcomer to the Summer Festival Season. With only 6 editions it already topped by far many other options around Europe. It's placement in Tolmin, Slovenia is one of the reasons for the perfect alternative vacation you can share with your girlfriend, family or friends.
With 2 stages the festival hosts over 50 bands from all over the globe including some of your all time favorites during 5 days. 

If you don't have the tickets you're out of luck the festival is completely SOLD OUT.
Here are some essentials you can't miss when in Tolmin.
Vamos a la fiesta!

1. The Magic Freezing River.

The festival is built by the cleanest river in Europe: SočaAlso called "The Emerald Beauty", this river is born by the Julian Alps and flows through the festival area, something exceptional and unusual among other festivals that are built on a grass or a mud field. You definitely would jump straightaway but the water is cold as f**k! You'll gonna need some real guts. 
There are 2 beaches, one, next to the camping area and another one that meets a tributary forming super fun rapid waters, both are perfect to hang out, meet people and have a morning beer. Bring some inflables to flow by with your friends.

The Soča's river is also known among audience as the "Hangover Killer". The ancient secret minerals flowing in the water will make your worst pains disappear in a matter of seconds. Remember to keep it clean as you found it, for nature's sake.

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2. Camping in the Wildlife.

This is not the common festival. You can camp at free will all along the riverbank. You definitely wanted some adventures right? You'll end up in the forest. Don't stress, 90% of the audience camps there. It's not the most comfortable place ever, but trees will project shadow so you'll sleep longer. Be aware, wasps are everywhere! 🐝

The festival provides with everything you need:
- Showers: Hot and Cold water showers are available. Not for shy!
- Food and Drinks: Need a late night bite? You can get anything.
- Ice: Really useful to keep your cans cold.

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3. Tolmin: Rock City

With a small population of 3525 during the year, in august the city is flooded with thousands of Metalheads and Punkers that triple inhabitance. But life won't stop in Tolmin, locals have a terrible english but are friendly and always willing to help.
You'll find everything you need: supermarkets, gas station and restaurants.

At your arrival you may get lost easily, just follow the road straight up until you find a huge sign: "PUNK ROCK ➡️" pointing the road to the festival. There's the stairway to heaven.

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4. Beach Stage 🚣

The festival promoters have been always known for supporting the scene and the upcoming bands. That's why "The Beach Stage", built by the river, gives the chance for unsigned acts to prove their value with an outstanding PA and professional set up.

Here's also your chance to sign up your band for future editions.
- Attend with your bandmates to the festival.
- Fill in the form at INFO POINT.
- Include your record or demo.
More info HERE.
The organization will listen one by one to all the proposals and only 20 bands will get the slot. 

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5. Main Stage 🎸

This stage is the main attraction at the whole fest. Punk-Rock legends like NOFX, Descendents or Millencolin will give the best of their energies and sing their all time anthems for one of the craziest crowds in Europe. The stage is fenceless and you can stagedive at your own risk. Remember not to bother artists with stupid selfies or bear hugs. Just go up there and jump. Someone, hopefully will get your ass up!

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6. Bird Attack Live Stream

You're not able to attend to the festival? You're somewhere overseas willing to see what's going up in Slovenia? Our pals at Bird Attack Records are setting up a live multi-camera broadcasting on their website birdattackradio.com. Audio is professionally mixed so you get the closest experience without moving from your bedroom. Rad, uh?
Don't miss their 10 artists playing there: Antillectual, Edward in Venice or Mainline10 among others. 

american socks bird attack records stream

7. Afterparty 🎉

After all live music is OFF there is party going on at the Beach Stage until late night for the vampires that want to continue dancing. It's time to jump into the water and get refreshed while you drink a mojito.
Last year we had the Punk-Rock Karaoke. You were able to grab the microphone and perform like a rockstar with a real band to your fav. tunes. 
You definitely don't want to miss this.

8. Festival Market: Food & Merch. 👕 🍔 🍟

Time for shopping! At the festival entrance there are many brands offering their best discounts for kickass apparel. Don't forget to get the official PRH t-shirt as a souvenir and grab some American Socks on the way. 
There are also many food trucks and stands where to get decent food. Pizza is always a good choice. 👍

9. Extreme Sports.

This year, the festival is building up a Skateboarding Competition! That's right, we'll be able to see many lads giving out their best tricks. Bring your skateboard!
Tolmin is also known as one of the best spots for paragliding, rafting or canyoning. Contact any of the local adventure/sports offices for more information and to live an exceptional journey in the nature.
For the craziest only! 

10. The drive back. 🚐

When everything is over you need to pack up and drive (or fly if you're lucky!) back home. You'll had drunk more beer than water, slept in a tent on the floor and carry the worst hangover ever, but you'll still have that smile on your face because of the unbelievable experience you won't ever forget.

Enjoy Punk Rock Holiday!  

american socks punk rock holiday