10 Reasons to Attend Groezrock 2019

10 Reasons to Attend Groezrock 2019

groezrock 2019 reasons meerhout american socks What can we say About Groezrock? American Socks, first appeared at the festival Market in 2013. We were a smaller brand and with only 6 different products (all knee highs). There were no plans, we just packed up and drove up north with a really simple set up, few chairs and a table. 
Back then we didn't imagine how this festival would shape the brand during the forthcoming years. In 2016 we debuted at the festival field with the Acoustic Stage concept with acts like GOB, Frank Turner or the Mad Caddies.We even did a collaboration release: the Groezsock. Everything was wonderful until BOOM. When the news hit, all the team got sad. A festival season without Groezrock is sour. 

1. The BIG boy is BACK in the game.
groezrock american socks 2019 blog 10 reasons

2018 was a sad year. Papa Groez announced that he was going to take a sabbatical and step back with an indoor edition to come back stronger than ever. After so many years, it's logical that the organization had to charge batteries to keep going. Good news is that this 2019 we have our personal "mecca" back in the game and ready to take over once again the frontline of the festival season.

2. Lineup is SICK.
groezrock american socks 2019 blog 10 reasons

Too much is never enough! 90 bands across 5 stages is all you need to satisfy your live music addiction. With many exclusive acts and big names like JAWBREAKER, DROPKICK MURPHYS, MILLENCOLIN, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, BOWLING FOR SOUP, NECK DEEP, COMEBACK KID, AUTHORITY ZERO, COUNTERPARTS...it's nearly impossible you get bored the weekend of April 26th and 27th.

3. Location is (almost) HEAVEN.

Forget those festivals with dusty air or concrete floors. Meerhout is a rural village and the festival erects on a grassy field where you can lay down between gigs and breathe some pure air. Supermarkets and other facilities are super close. When you're having a siesta, remember you're a foreigner. Cows are the landlords there and after the storm, the land is returned to them. Grass is precious!

4. Price is ridiculous. BANG for your BUCK!

C'mon 99€ is a BANGER price for such a big event. Start a Whatsapp group chat with your friends and start planning. The trip is worth the time and money. People from over 30 nationalities will join you at the moshpit. What else do you need?

If you're looking to attend just one day, forget it, grab the whole package.
Tickets HERE.

5. Sing at the AMERICAN SOCKS Acoustic Stage.

groezrock american socks 2019 blog 10 reasons
Many sockers have been asking on socials if we were doing the Acoustic Stage once again. Answer is YES, we're back on Groez with the concept you love so much. We'll be setting up acoustic performances of your favorite bands, playing zone with Mario Kart competitions, and many more. Those who know American Socks, know we know how to set up a party :)  

6. Join the craziest CAMPING zone.

groezrock american socks 2019 blog 10 reasons
You will have the fun of your life at the camping. People is friendly and everyone will be down to engage in a Beerpong or in a Funkyball game. Make some friends you may keep forever!
We ask you to respect the environment and to recycle the plastic & cans you're going to use. The organization sets up various collection points for recycling. Small acts can make a big difference. Let's prove punks are green to our planet.

7. FOOD court is delicious.

groezrock american socks 2019 blog 10 reasons
We're stoked to taste all the variety of foods you can get at the Food Court. Several companies and food trucks are attending to make your stomach happy. Burgers, Pizza, Noodles, Fruit, Salads, Frituur...and loads of vegan options are there for you. You won't miss your momma's dishes. Give it a try!

8. 100% Punk Rock & Hardcore since 1992.

For over 2 decades the festival has been alive, just because it didn't happen in 2018 it does not mean you should stop attending. This guys know what they are doing and live for music, just as much as you do. 
It ain't easy. There's a LOT of work behind the curtain and a lot of volunteers will be there so you can have the best Punk-Rock vacation ever. Choose Groez.

9. Move YOUR BODY at the afterparties.

groezrock american socks 2019 blog 10 reasons There's always music at the afterparties with DJ's that will rock the hell out of hits to make you dance and sing. Still don't know the acts, but the bookers at Groez will figure out the best for you. If your friends go sleep early and you're by yourself, join the American Socks crew and let's crash the area. We'll be there to sock together!

10. A FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE you won't forget.
groezrock american socks 2019 blog 10 reasons

Experiences are priceless, how cool is to pack up your coolest clothes, grab your sleeping bag and head to Belgium with your best friends to have, possibly, one of the best weekends of the year? Go crazy, forget about problems and support live music right in the heart of Europe.
See you at Groezrock sockers!
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*Pictures by Headshot.be and Thiago Struys.