10 Books you Should Read this Summer 📚

10 Books you Should Read this Summer 📚

Are you looking for the perfect book to read while going on vacation?

Perfect: we don’t care if you’re going to the beach, if you’re going hiking in the mountains or visiting a big city all around the world. We have the perfect suggestions for your summer readings.

Of course, we need you to be very open and very curious about what a book can hide behind its cover: maybe it will make your vacation unique… or maybe not, who knows?
Why don’t you find out?


1. Looking for Alaska – John Green

This book was published 12 years ago, but it’s still so actual that it can hurt. Don’t think this is a book for “youngsters”: it could be perfect for young adults, but for adults too… you’re never too old to try different things.


2. Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

If you like close third-person viewpoints this book is perfect for you: there are six different characters who are narrating the whole story, that takes place in a magical universe, where you can get lost also in the second chapter of this duology, Crooked Kingdom.


3. Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell

Do you love 80’s music? Are you in comic books and do you like reading about original love stories? Perfect: this is a piece of advice for you. Everything changed on a school bus for the main characters of this book… everything could change for you wherever you’ll be reading.


4. The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

This is an amazing thriller: maybe you have heard of it because it became a movie, but since I read the book I chose not to watch the movie ‘cause everyone kept telling me that the movie wasn’t good enough to cope with the book. Believe me: you must read it.


5. IT – Stephen King

Soon there will be a reboot of this one piece of horror history: haven’t you read it yet? Now you have another reason more to read it: don’t you know that “the book is always better than the movie”? How could you decide if this is the case of this new movie if you haven’t read it?


6. Nineteen Minutes – Jodi Picoult


Sometimes we all need to cry a little bit, being moved by a movie, a song or a book. This Jodi Picoult’s novel is made to make you think and maybe to make you cry a little too. This book is 10 years old now, but school shooting, unfortunately, is a problem that still afflicts US.

7. Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

“Are you happy with your life?” How would you answer to this question? The main character of this book lives an adventure that literally changes his life. Maybe this book won’t change your life, but it will help you think a lot about your priorities and your choices, we’re sure about it.


8. Beautiful Ruins – Jess Walter

The novel is a social satire which explores human nature and satirizing the Hollywood culture that is at the center of the book: which season better than summer is done to indulge in gossips and small talks?


9. The House of the Spirits – Isabel Allende

This book is something special: it starts telling you the story of the Trueba family, spanning four generations and tracing the history of Chile, but it will end telling you something about yourself that you didn’t realize till that moment. Allende’s pen is magical and her first novel is something you have to read, at leats once in your life.


10. Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist – Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

This is a book for someone who still believes in love, even if love hasn’t shown him/her lot of mercy… the novel gives you hope, but above all, gives you amazing music suggestions and some quotes that you’ll be able to use in real life for the upcoming years. I’m telling you this, cause it happened to me, and it still happens…


If you’re going to read one (or more) of the books we suggested you… let us know on Twitter/Facebook or Instagram: we are waiting for your feedbacks!