We all know that CrossFit can be a seriously tough workout that pushes the body to the limit, but did you know socks are a crucial part in that workout? Not only will they make you feel great and stylish, but they will also help protect your shins while rocking those deadlifts! 🏋🏼‍♂️

girl deadlifting in a CrossFit gym wearing American Socks
guy deadlifting in a CrossFit gym wearing American Socks

Here at American Socks we have socks designed to tackle the most demanding workouts while staying in style!🔥 Thanks to the reinforcement that they have in the front, the sole and the heel you will feel always comfortable. They also provide a perfect compression of the muscle during your workout to ensure the correct circulation of the blood and prevent swelling.

Feet on a deadlift bar wearing american socks
Guy from the waist down walking in a CrossFit gym

Worried about the material? No worries! Our socks are made locally in Barcelona with eco-friendly cotton and certified Coolmax that provides the perfect transpiration during your killer workout. 🤟🏻 

Remember that when we look good we feel good, and this is equally important at the gym. That’s why we not only have numerous designs, but we also have different sizing to fit your type of workout:

 💥 Mid high 

product image mid high socks

 💥 Knee high

 knee high product image

 💥 Signature  

signature collection socks product image

 So… get ready to stay fit and to up your sock game with @AmericanSocks!