Punk Rock Holiday Acoustic Stage & WTF Parties!

Punk Rock Holiday Acoustic Stage & WTF Parties!

Hey Ho friends attending Punk Rock Holiday this 2017. Each year you've kept asking for more and more. That's why we have plenty of surprises for you. 😃


We are hosting the acoustic stage with plenty of kickass bands that will provide a different and closer approach to all the audience. Don't miss bands like Thrash Boat, Get Dead or The Generators at the American Socks stand.

EXTRA: Sing your song at the Karaoke each day at 20:45.

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Have you ever heard about the WTF Parties? It's the craziest and weirdest party in Barcelona. Fireworks and FX with the best music. You'll be able to dance, jump and go crazy on Tuesday 8th after the Pennywise gig. See you there 😎

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