Hey there Sockers! Did you know we got special socks for snow lovers? Pretty cool right! 

They're not your usual thick socks, we took it a step forward to give you all the best comfort for the cold white sand! And now, with our New Collections we even have improved these cool socks. Check the new specifications of our Snow Socks and you will understand why they are the best choice for your winter activities. 

❄️Anatomical Shape with Left + Right Foot to Adapt to Your Morphology:

These socks are all about that perfect fit, with a design that molds comfortably to each foot's natural shape.

❄️Knee High with Boot Protection:

Amazing knee-high design providing style and a extra coverage, with a touch of boot protection.

❄️Zonal Elastic with Calf and Arch Support:

Elastic material strategically placed for a snug fit around the calf and arch, ensuring a secure and comfortable feel.

❄️Technical Wool-Nylon Blend:

A blend of technical wool and nylon for a soft, breathable, and durable sock that suits everyday wear.

❄️Reinforced Anti-friction Heel and Toes:

Reinforcements at high-stress areas for longevity and added comfort during daily activities.

❄️Cushioned Sole with Extra Comfort and Impact-Proof:

A cushioned sole for enhanced comfort, making these socks suitable for long days on your feet.

If that specific design is not of your taste, don't worry we got you covered! You can find more cool designs here SNOW or going to our Snow Section on our website!💙

Keep Socking and Sliding Socker!! See ya!⛷️🏂