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"Tales from the Crypt" Halloween Shoot by Enzo Iriarte


Hanging out with the dead while listening to a Misfits album (The ones featuring Glen Danzing... Of course!) is what we did with Enzo Iriarte.

Facing the sea and guarded by strict vigilantes lays the scariest cemetery you've ever been: Barcelona Montjuïc Graveyard.  

After sunset the departed come back to life, but just before things got messy we had enough time to meet Harley Quinn (Steffie Hache) and some Skull guys (Juan García & Sergi Sánchez).

The undead came after us as we disturbed their rest and had to leave, but we'll be back to satisfy our interest in graveyards. 


Happy Halloween! 

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American Pride - Ultra High
Signature Series - Rosey Jones Tattoo Boy - Mid High
Old School I - Mid High